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Logitech Media Server Plugins

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SqueezeCenter (formerly known as SlimServer) is customisable through add-on components called /extras/ or /plugins/. SqueezeCenter comes with a number of extras already installed (see the /"server settings->plugins"/ page of the SqueezeCenter web interface to see them), and you can also install your own.

Many people have written their own plugins and made them available to the SqueezeCenter community to make use of, and this part of the wiki serves as a 'directory' where they are all listed.

The plugins are categorized as below:

To install a plugin for SqueezeCenter 7, you will need to:

  • Download the plugin file (often a ZIP) from the owner's site (linked from the directory pages above)
  • Put the file(s) in the SqueezeCenter plugins directory.

For a Windows system, for example, this is likely to be

C:\Program Files\!SqueezeCenter\server\Plugins

On a Mac this will be in:

Home > Library > Application Support > SqueezeCenter > Plugins

For Linux servers, the plugins directory is typically

/usr/share/squeezecenter/Plugins//usr/local/squeezecenter/Plugins/ or/opt/squeezecenter/Plugins/.

If the plugin came in a ZIP, make sure you unpack all of the components and preserve the directory structure if there is one.

  • You need to stop and restart SqueezeCenter to allow it to see the new plugin
  • At this point it should show up in the Extras list, you can make sure it is checked and off you go... just note that internet radio plugins normally appear in server settings -> internet radio, not "Extras".
  • If it doesn't show up in the list then you have a problem. The most common faults are:
    • Files installed in the wrong place, so SqueezeCenter can't find them
    • Forgotten to stop and restart SqueezeCenter
    • Wrong version of plugin (some plugins have specific versions for different versions of SqueezeCenter)
    • Some other incompatibility between the plugin and another component

If you have any queries about a specific plugin (for example questions on how to use them, or reports of problems with specific versions of SqueezeCenter), then please request that directly from the plugin author listed on these pages.

If you have created your own plugin that you'd like other people to know about it, then just edit the appropriate plugin category page to add it. To get started writing your own, see DeveloperGuide.

Finally, please join us in the Plugins forum for a lively discussion!